Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Poem of the day

Profound Mortality

The incoherent voices that cloud my mind
Are singing a tune cast from before mankind

I bitter and twisted chord that does not rhyme
Written and told since the dawn of know time

A palpable coldness that taunts ones own ears
Played upon bleeding heartstrings to enhance fears

The decaying words trail off like died up tears
As will my body wither away with untold years

The lies and corruption thick like vitreous tar
Mar my thoughts of a time and place from afar

 They hold me here in a diabolical wordless cage
Where I am not free to talk or otherwise engage

I must listen to the babble of childish taunts
Deep from within my own mind that it haunts

The insidious way in which it claws my skin
Is only equalled by the way it seeps deep within

The cold, dark, lifeless maleficent shadow of man
The only physical item left, to define me as human

As the purification of a life lost from stagnant pyre
Drains out of gods’ holy womb, as a world ending fire.

Take a good look around at what we have all become
A society of prayers who are willing to succumb

So take control of your destiny before the sand run dry
And make something of yourself before you die