Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesday poem

This is my poem for today please have a read and if you liek it let me know.
I am an avid writer and lover of Poetry and all writing I take requests and please post on here if you like I love to see others work.

My Drug of Choice

You make my mornings full of wonder and fun
You make my life worth waking to see the sun

You stir something deep inside my dark soul
Your stir the need for me to gain bodily control

You pick me up when I feel tired lonely and lost
You pick me up no matter the time or cost

You warm me from the inside to my aging out
You warm me from winters seeds of doubt

You allow me to enjoy my friends day and night
You allow me to sit pensive and hug you tight

You are my drug of choice when I feel happy or blue
You are my drug of choice and I crave for you.

You give me the reason to love bitter toffee
You give me the reason to want morning Coffee

You bring many to the table to convene
My wondrous, dark, and amazing caffeine!

Graeme Hawke