Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Poem - "The Painted Smile"

The Painted Smile

Your job is to turn ugly frowns around
With your painted face, nose applied
You hide behind masks safe n sound
Is this the only way you can hide?

With a face as white as new fallen snow
Eyes that look at me with perpetual surprise
A painted smile so the sadness won’t show
No-one sees the silent sad tears he cries

But behind the facade is a monster in wait
He smiles and beckons you in his dank lair
That smells of old booze and oil face paint
Come on in and spend time if you dare

Behind those sad happy face drawn eyes
And a chin that is unshaven and bloated
There are a life time of hurt, pain and lies
That to the world at large is sugar coated

Is he evil or a sad man misunderstood?
Trying to eke out an existence in life
To find a love someone else if he could
Be lucky and stay out of trouble and strife

We all look on and stare at the painted man
Wanting to laugh with him but laughing at him
His clothes like a multicoloured oversize caftan
Not reflecting the shadows he lives in so dim

I smile and wave when you see one from now
Look on with ride and laugh not look down
Because if you don’t laugh you may have to bow
Before the dark, evil perpetual smile, of the clown!