Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Achluophobia - Horror Novel - Not for the faint hearted

Achluophobia - Horror Novel -

This is my latest novel I am working on and here are the first five chapters for you to read and feed back for me.

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012

The Night!_ A Dark Pondering for today

I think this is some of my best visual work to date.

The night heralds in the new world
A world where we will scream
The silent ecstasy that is unfurled
A reality of darkness that is no dream

The night brings forth those who hunger
A meal of life that sees them thrive
The quiet entrapment full of wonder
A time for some to grow and strive

The Night is a time full of dancing shadows
A ballet of death and blood red gowns
The twisted form of malignant death throws
A Place where the UnDead have no bounds

The Night has a maleficent cold embrace
A hold so strong there is no escape
The arms of evil will leave no physical trace
A comforting finality as if enclosed in deaths cape

The Night is a place where no one wins
A game of dice where each throw is unsure
The winners, those with unmentionable sins
A satisfying finality like a lustful whore

The night, my home of enveloping fate
A sanctuary from the wholesome light
The destiny I seek is thru the writhing gate
A bosom of the dark lord encased in Unholy

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Gardener - New Poem for today

The Gardener

I tender the ground so hard and dry
To ensure I grow the best possible
Seething hatred before I wither and die
The seeds I sow are created from pain
The kind that makes you soul bleed
And the blows of a fist over and over again
The nourishment they thrive upon
Are the salted tears of sorrow and despair
Hastily collected before they are gone
My fertiliser of choice not for the faint of heart
And the shit that I spread from the decaying dead
Give my unholy seeds, the best possible start.
So I tender the ground with tools made of bone
As I while away the centuries and beyond
With no-one else to care for, but myself alone
I care for my seeds like a father doth his spawn
To help them along and nurture and grow
With the ultimate glory for them to be born
So with tears and faeces I tend to my young
Talking all the time to them of the lives ahead
Their hurt and betrayal not yet even begun
So I watch as my hatred grows to wondrous heights
Seeing the potential they now have to offer
And my thoughts drift off to imagine the delights
I bid my children goodbye, with a blood red tear
As they go into the world to spread unrest
And a large proportion of unbridled Fear!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Conradictory - Prose for today

The Contradictory

How can I be!
So busy being Lazy.
Or get
Blisters from the freezing cold
Or be
So Cold I’m Hot.
Please explain
The momentum of being still
Or how there is
A something of nothing
I know slow is a speed but what is
The speed of slow motion
I just cant live without
The Love of Hate.
The need for loneliness.
We have all been there
Feeling alone in a crowd
And been cut by
The sharpness of words
The worst of all is
The dullness of pain
And we all know
The sorrow in laughter
I thrive on
The taste of victory
Or when it’s so black you see
The Lights in darkness
We all want to have the
Cheating of death
And we all have felt
The anguish of love
I have yet to get
The smell of success
And held in my hands
The weight of nothing
I have shed
The tears of joy
And the act of
The doing of nothing
I can’t work out
The stillness of a breeze
Or if there really are
The winds of change
I know how hard is
The hardness of soft
And I have designed
The intricately simple
I have also felt
The unease of ease
And known
The successful underachiever
I have never been warmed by
The radiantly happy
Or heard
The silent scream
Or the words in
A garbled breath
Ah! I have been
Flat out doing nothing
But rarely have I been
As happy as pie
Where did it come from
The time has come
And I hope I don’t cut myself with
A sharp intake of breath
And do I need a splint for
The snapping of a temper

Copy write Graeme Hawke 2012