Monday, 17 December 2012

WHY! - My new Poem about the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy

I wrote this in tears, with hatred in my heart for the perpetrator of this heinous act of cowardice.
I do not understand the US how you can have these innocent children murdered in cold blood and the answer is to Arm teachers with more guns!

Get real please and get rid of guns it works and it’s not everyone’s right to bear arms and kill innocent people!
The only people who need guns are those serving and keeping peace in this world of ours. Armed forces and police the rest should use words to settle differences.
These are my Girls and I could not bare to think of anything happening to them

Off to school you go a smile on your face
There are pictures to draw, things to paint
And the thought of Xmas makes your heart race

Why is the silence broken with a loud crack?
And my teacher quietly moving us to a place safe
So we can hopefully escape out the back

Why are there screams and children crying?
And Teachers pleading for their lives
As my innocent class mates lay dying!

Why is this happening in this sanctuary of peace?
A leaning facility to help us understand and grow
Not a training ground for the swat and Police.

Why is he shattering my illusions of life?
Yesterday I was innocent and only a child
Today I am angry, bitter and full of internal strife

Why did it happen in this my house of sticks?
Where mum dropped me off to learn and play
Why? I don’t understand I only just turned six!

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ponderings Of a twisted mind - My Poetry book to you

What I have here is 94 pages of my poetic delights for you in beautiful Hardback.
This is a one of a kind offer as I will not leave this up for long. Inside are all my favourite poems from my life to date. My darker side, my strange ponderings of life and of course my emotive and fun side.

Its full of poems and images to interact with visually as well as mentally.

Ponderings of A Twisted mind - Hardcover book

Preview before you buy!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DEMONS - A new poem from my past - Its not what you think read and all will become clear.


The memory of you binds me
Holds me like my body is wrapped
In a thick layer of plastic film
The more I struggle, the hotter
It gets inside my cacoon
The sweat beads and clings
I can not see, except through
The bars of my bony fingers
As they form a knotted cage, over my face
I peer through the gaps to see
But all I catch is glimpses
Of what my life could have been
The power drained from my heart
As it slows to a morbid standstill
Still beating but tormenting me
The life that I thought once mine
Is no longer, and I see my love
As if a movie, in my cluttered mind
Tales of days gone by, opportunities
Missed, to never be taken
Chances hidden, hesitation now loss
Heed me children lend thy ear!
Do not remorse a lost chance
For they will not cry for you
They point, mock and laugh,
They watch you as you age, become feeble
Your bones and mind weak with time
Then they gain satisfaction from you
As they see you stumble, fall, pray
Hope for a redemption that is never coming.
They thrive on your fear, your aches
Your pains physical and of mind
They watch as you lose everything
Your hopes
Your dreams
Your love
Your life
They feed on your failings
They fill with strength of being
As they feed on what’s left
Your Fear
Your despair
Your hate
Your loathing
They separate us like a herd
Targeting the weak of body
Then the weak of mind
They go for the young
The not so sure
The displaced
Don’t let them get you
Be strong of will and mind
Be true to who you are
And never let the demons in

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"Not my Soul" - First Chapet of my new novel

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Chapter 1 - The Rebirth

The movement was swift and powerful, and as his left shoe was exploded from his foot on impact the rest of his body was a shattered mass of exploded meat and bone, thrown thirty feet from the point of impact by the fully laden truck. Even as his body crumpled in slow motion towards its final resting place his physical mind felt a nanosecond of excruciating pain followed by a dull peace and darkness. The next unit measure of time was immeasurable; it could have been an instant or millennia as far as Joe Griggs was concerned. The realization that he was dead took an instant as he could still feel his limbs and his physical being although he was on another plane of consciousness.
The atmosphere was nonexistent but in his mind it was think like treacle and soot mixed together and blown around, he started to cough and could see no reason why he would need to as his body was a shimmering play on light and dark, there were no angels no demons, yet, and he was stuck in place in a void that lacked any real description to his disembodied mind.

“Hello” I thought I said aloud, but it must be a hangover from my corporeal days as a human, the psychic feedback that left me bellowed for a second time. “Hello! Is there anyone there” I motioned again. Nothing still nothing, shit I must be dead! Is this death, am I transitioning to be reborn or some shit or is this where I stay until what’s left of me dissipates in this mire of dark smoke. I cannot move, nor turn, I just am! Another period of what must be time where I am passed and I have no idea how long it was as I don’t really have any perception of this non reality. I felt something happening, what was left of me was moving at light speed and in an instant I was transported to yet another place where there were more like me, I can’t see faces as such but I can interpret the outlines as shadows of their former selves as I was, and although I really don’t see, I can sense them. Silhouettes shifted and moved around me as if all in the space were looking at each other, Shapes in front were there, then gone in a blink as we surged forward in unison to God knows where.

“God, GOD! Has nothing to do with this place Azurad! Or have you forgotten your father” an evil force of presence weighed upon me at that instant. Other shapes moved some placed unthinking hands over unreal ears, others collapsed in the void and some I could feel were laughing with the respondent.
“You are here for repurposing and rebirth back on the solid plane.” The voice bellowed at me. “And any others amongst you that cannot remember your purpose here should regress into your being and find who you really are before you move past the next holding chase.” It finished.
“Who are you” I motioned toward the large phantom as it glided towards me. It had a physical presence of sorts unlike the rest of us, and was distinctly non human in many ways but in others I felt it to be comforting and almost too human.
“You do not recall your favoured blood and leader in subterfuge and sins of the flesh”. It paused for a time. I am the builder of the tower, the instructor of men, the death of many or the one who seeks revenge, against that so called God for drowning a world that was learning to live upon his created plain called earth”. Again there was a pause I looked in the general direction of the towering shadow and as it moved towards me solid and huge with muscle and tusk its newly formed mouth opened and said “I am Nimrod, right hand to the light bringer: your father!”.
Although I had no body or head my essence swirled in the void and as I hit the front of the moving throng, my presence moved swiftly as one yet again to another darker place that was a holding cell or worse. Again what passes for time in this place transpired and I was left to remember my previous lives, and in all I had lived through eighty eight births and deaths each one as simple as the last, deaths young, old and all ages in-between, from natural causes to being ripped apart by sword and mace in battle. I was also a mother and father many times over as the choice was not mine and never would be. I was a slave to the darkness and I could feel that each time I came back I liked it less each time but the nature of my placing on the earthly plane was to cause as much disruption to the fabric of god’s society as possible, from simple seduction of a good spirit to outright murder.
“What am I” I said now out aloud to myself and the darkness peeled back to reveal a red, purple hue to the surroundings.
“You are the servant of my will Azurad and as your father you do it with a measure of hatred and distrust I cannot create myself.” The voice is simple and light but as oppressive as a water laden towel on pressing over your mouth and nose during torture. The pain I felt and cold although I had no body is excruciating. “You are one of my favoured few and your father my right hand, man? No that sounds too much like the world I send you, let’s just say he is the mace in my armoury.” It said.
“Now are you going to stay a while and recover your thoughts, or do you want to go back in line and await your rebirth.”  The words he formed ate through my unfocused self like acid burning a hole in plastic. “No master I would like for to be cast back into the shell I just departed if possible? My life was moving at a rate and I was to enact my plan soon”. I lied.
“I did not see that at all Azurad! I saw a normal life being led nothing to undermine the god state of mind at all or simply create havoc amongst his little toys he calls humans.” Was his painful reply
“No I had plans for action I assure you master, I was luring one so young into a life away from the church and into obscure depravity and drug filled mindlessness.”  Again I lied.
I saw glowing embers where eyes should be and a hollow sound as all went dark as the words “So be it” burned my soul.
Pain so much pain was the only thing I could feel and the taste of burnt copper in my mouth, bones and organs shattered beyond repair screamed and bled internal. A woman’s voice was screaming orders, and she was saying “ring 911 he’s alive” I felt my bones tingle and my organs knit as the flesh and blood I owned regenerated and formed a living organism once more. I moaned and opened one eye and all I could hear before I passed out was the soft female whisper in my ear “What are you?”

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Speed Of Dark - New poem for today

The Speed of Dark

The speed of light is measured in time
With many fighting to break the barrier
And travel to the stars and shine
As the astronomical peace carrier
The speed of pain is measured in resistance
Often as a result of fates unrelenting hand
And realize there is no further existence
As salty tears flow and moisten the dying land
The speed of love is measured in persistence
As the heart overflows with unknown feelings
When cupids arrows stinging it into existence
As we imagine love without boundaries or ceilings
The speed of hate is true and without peer
With a ferocious appetite for loathing
And a need to cause never before seen Fear
It causes decay and stench as if decomposing
The speed of dark is measured in dread
The ability to cause bone freezing fright
And create unspeakable images in your head
As the darkness encloses the existence of light

Thursday, 29 November 2012

LIFES PLAN - New Poem From me to you

An observation into our conscience mind stopping us from enjoying our lives!

Life is all around you and where do you start
It’s all mapped out you say, as I stare at the chart.

Where is the fun you promised along the way?
The fun of living I should have every day

You lied to me as I believed every single word
I did my best but you never let me be heard

So now I am in the twilight of my years
And all I have are these dried up tears

Nothing to show for my struggles and toil
But hate and frustration that makes my blood boil

And now all I have in this wrinkled shell is hate
Pent up frustration because it’s all too late

I wish I had never listened to you from day one
But it’s too late now my life is all but done

What I can do is enjoy my time and have fun
To see you suffer as I run with my face to the sun

Now be gone with you and retreat back inside
And let me enjoy the freedom of my mind

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke Nov 2012

Monday, 26 November 2012

How The World Ends - My Take on the Apocalyptic end to our world!


The tainted air was rushing past his ears as he was falling; the injuries sustained in the ensuing battle had caused his wings to hang lifeless, as he plunged further towards the torched earth and certain death. Gabriel used his entire god given strength to will his wings into action and stall his decent so he would survive his landing upon the earthly plain. His wings unfurled and it was as if he was on gods strings and he was the puppet to his master he stopped in mid fall and took upon himself the shape of the cross as he floated and glided to the raw parched dirt below him. Crumpled in a heap he was no longer able to use the wings upon his back and with two sharp strikes of his heavens sword they were a bloody mass of skin, bone and feathers nesting quietly on the ground. The wings emblazoned with light so bright and burst into holy flame and blew away with the hot northerly gust of wind blowing from a battered city only miles away.

“Gabriel, you are alive my brother?” the voice from alongside him was Michael his brother and fellow aspect of god.
“Yes brother but only just, I am afraid the demons of the dark one have inflicted more than physical injuries on me this day” he replied thru rasping broken breaths.
“We must triumph brother or else all humanity and the land of god itself will be doomed, we cannot allow the devils to run amuck upon this earthly soil, they are treacherous and deceitful and full of death to humanity.” Michaels verse was uplifting and true but what could he and a broken brother angel do to stay the demonic execution that would surely end this war.
“I do hear you Michael, be assured of this, but I am broken, I can no longer help you in the battles above, my wings stripped clean and the spurs upon my back are now a solemn reminder of our mortality.” Gabriel spoke with authority and also a hint of defeatist in his tone.
“You will help the mortals’ brother; you are akin to death and fighting for the righteous, so thus it is told, stay the execution of man from the mortal land.” Michael took a large breath and took in the scoured land before him. “Make them understand they can win the fight; even tho they created the war in the first place; I will take control of the angels in flight and fight for your honour brother, take my hand and say it is so!” Michael held his hand and Gabriel took it at the wrist some of his undying power flowing back into him showing him the way of gods not of man and cowards.
Michael took flight back to the skies above to a place where only gods and now daemons preside. Looking down he saw for the last time his brother walking the soil of man towards the city just out of full vision, he said a small litany to himself a prayer for him to succeed and not let the daemons inside to cloud his mind. The war was above and below, it was created by man and now it was up to gods to finish it.

Gabriel wandered across the insidious red mat of earth called Nevada to the human city named Las Vegas, it was a ruin and the huge buildings of steel and concrete were no longer sending a beacon of light to the heavens at night. The sins in this place were even more than in war, decadence, lust and gambling, as well as unsanctioned unions of men and whores the binding of two people in what they called marriage by a long dead singer. Drug addicts and illicit drugs abound creating not only deaths from abuse but murder and deceit to play out in the sins of power and greed. The walk to the city of sin was enlightening and dead in equal measure.  Some fleeing the concrete jungle stopped to ask if he was ok, offering food or moisture in return for nothing, others spat on him as they drove past along a spear of hot black tar he found that led into the city. For those who stopped to render assistance he said a prayer for, a quick death for them instead of a drawn out unimaginable death at the hands of the undying ones from below.
A noise from behind him took him from his poise and posturing as he walked.
“You want a lift mate” A voice of southern inflection asked from the cab of a large truck that was carrying both men and arms for fighting a foreign foe.
“Yes, it would please me to no longer have to walk upon this hot black dirt covering.”  He replied looking at the highway under his feet. “Jump in brother, we have food and water, Jess will fix you up in no time.” James Harris said as he jumped in the back with what could only be called a small militia force. Other vehicles followed from behind also carrying men, women and equipment.
“Please sit mister” a voice like angels singing filled his ears and he looked to see a vision of beauty with dirt and grease smeared upon her porcelain flesh. He sat and as he did the woman held out a canteen for him to partake of fluids. “Thank you”......  “Jess” the human woman replied with a whisper. “Jessica, but everyone calls me jess”.
“I am Gabriel angel of the lord master sent here to help defeat the common foe” he said without hesitation. The convened in the truck all burst into a riotous laughter, something they had not done in days. “You expect us to believe you are the mighty Gabriel, gods angel fallen to earth” a burly man with a machine gun slung over one shoulder. “No, I don’t ask of you to believe, I ask only of you to have faith and know within, that I am who I say I am.” He replied gently but with the authority of a millennia and more of service the all mighty.
“Holly shit look at his back” the burly man said as he stood to assess the so called angel. “I am Peter, and I am sorry I just said Holy shit, shit I did it again, I am sorry” peter stumbled over his tongue as he tried to make amends. “Gabriel, please call me Gabriel.” he unsheathed his heavenly sword, a broad golden sword with an edge filament thin and glowing blue with the aura of heaven itself. “This is Penintentiarius my sword of penitence, it has held many of the unworthy to just cause with death from its blades edge” he explained.
It can only be wielded by one worthy of god’s love and in doing so it is as useless as a freshly cut flower in the hands of the maleficent or human detritus.” He added as a way to dissuade others from trying to take the blessed artefact. “I am just glad you’re on our side.” a young boy said as he looked upon the heavenly apparition in awe.

The ride into the broken city was uneventful and little could be found to bring on the end of the world as we know it, but Gabriel new different they had lost the twelve angel guards taken out by the demons of the “Light Bearer”, the humans call him by many names but he is the first and most powerful angel cast aside by God, “Satan”
“Why are you here Gabriel? And what happened to your wings?” the man called Peter asked with an inflection of knowing in his voice. “I was battling the demonic angels of the Light Bearer and was attacked by too many of the damned creatures to win the battle. I destroyed ten of the unholy beasts, before the rest attached their chain bindings to my outer shell and the hell fires within the chains drained my powers and damaged my wings beyond usefulness so I cut the useless limbs from my body.” He replied.  A woman at the front of the vehicle laughed and called him a charlatan and magician, a bearer of bullshit, not of righteous power. “How, how can you believe this, this man.” she said still laughing. “Is he going to bring my little girl back to me, NO!” she said looking directly in Gabriel’s eyes. “No he can’t, and why because he is no more an angel than I am, we are doomed, and we will die for the sins of our fathers.”  Crying now, she openly sobbed into her hands as she covered her face, not wanting to believe anything at this point only the sorrow of her loss.
“I am your deliverance, your holy power upon this earth, there is no-one who can bring Lucy back to you, of that you are correct, but unless you believe I can help you I am powerless, I need the belief of man to sustain my fight here on earth, it is your undying faith that will save us not my powers, or my sword.” Gabriel held her hand and a flood of warmth fell over her and she saw her daughter safe in the arms of angels in heaven. “Is that a true image you show me angel.” She cried softly. “Yes mother it is, it is where we all go to nestle in the bosom of the father.” He finished as he let go of her hand.

They made their way to the broken down remains of the LUXOR a huge Pyramid shaped building that was all but intact. There were looters and murderers on the streets and this was just the beginning. They all piled out of the vehicles and followed behind Gabriel as he made his way towards the centre of the city itself. A ruinous place with death and sin surrounded them, the twelve angels of protection chained to inverted crosses in a circle surrounding a lone figure sitting in a flesh thrown made of naked entwined limbs of women there sex organs on show for all to delight in and moans from the edifice still holding ecstasy within the trapped souls.
“You dare come here boy” the demon bellowed from his sanctum of flesh and despair. The fallen angels with chains of glowing red stalked behind and around the group. “Gabriel is not a boy he is one of Gods servants, as we all are” Peter said motioning his arms all around him to the thing, but his words trailed off into pain as his head exploded from within covering his friends and fellow warriors with fresh brain tissue and blood. James walked up closer to Gabriel but the angel held his hand out and said “not here not now he is too powerful, there is so much decadence in this place the force is almost too much to bare even for me. This is a foreboding place my friend.”
“What do we do Gabriel?” he asked finally “we fight the source of his power boy, follow me.

The group almost fifty strong sought out and with righteous power killed the unholy and those who would desecrate the word of the Lord with sin and violence bringing his vengeful wrath upon many hundreds who fought back against them. Building by building they slew the sinners and the unworthy, diminishing his hold over the city and ultimately the world. The dark angels or demons sat back, watched and relished the bloodshed in the glory of a god who was but a spoiled brat with humanity his toy. There was so much blood spilled in the name of the father the Holy Spirit but it had to be done. The dark forces holding the earth needed to be purged and sent to hell.

Gabriel stood once more at the entry of the Bearers gate to this world. The twelve guardian angels, screamed at him, in spite of life being lost at a cross each. They spat unholy trinity at him as he passed them as he moved to the foot of the living throne the great outcast sat upon. “There is no more decadence to be had no more sin to behold dark one, you cannot have this place I will not allow it in the name of my father.” He said with anger and blood dripping from Penintentiarius his holy blade. It was at this moment, two hundred angels fell to earth wings tucked and the ground swaying under foot as they hit with the pressure of a nuclear blast. “Gabriel your work here is most favourable, you have done well now we will despatch the beast to the hell pits which whence it came.” Michael said to his brother as he placed a hand on his shoulder. The evil one laughed, sat and pondered the thought of an all out war right at that moment but he beckoned the angel with no wings to come listen to what he had to say of terms. “You are one of his stock boy, you must listen to my atonement before you can judge me, is that not true?” the deceiver said with quiet malice in his voice. That is true dark one but, I only listen to appease the spirits by which we are bound to this realm.” Gabriel said as he walked slowly to the throne.

The Light Bearer lent close and showed Gabriel the first day of man the bringing of light was his doing as God had ordered before he became jealous of his father’s interest in the playthings he called humans. “See my boy I am one of you, the first angel, I have many names, you call me the light bearer, this is true, but so is the first outcast, the great unclean, the devil and my personal favourite of the humans Satan.” He took a feted breath and the heat generated from within stank of sulphur and ash. “You see my brother we are alike more than you care to imagine.” Gabriel took offence at this and drew his sword only to see it wither and die as a flower in the presence of this petulant death. “I am nothing like you demon.” Gabriel spat at the huge bulk of the prince of death.
“Ah, but you would have me believe this after you and  your self-righteous humans slaughtered hundreds possibly a thousand so called sinners in the name of your father, and mine.” The unholy said now laughing. “Do you see boy you can’t defeat me with hate, even to appease our father, for I am the Light Bearer and therefore the taker of life.”

He whispered in Gabriel’s ear “it ends now!”

Gabriel looked back at Michael, ashen faced and closed his eyes for a second as realisation poured into his mind of what he had done. The chaos that was around him the screams the laughing the sporadic gunfire, even his own heartbeat, it stopped and with that second of silence the world of man ended.

This was written for a competition with the theme (not with a bang but a whisper)

The Skin I Wear - A Personal poem from me to you

The Skin I Wear

You paint a picture of sacrifice
Of what others want you to be
And not the person deep inside
The innocent waiting to be set free

They dictate your every move
Hold you back calling you wrong
Even when it’s not true
You hold on, but for how long

All they see is what’s outside
Theydo not see past your skin
The beauty held within your soul
The beauty you have deep within

The life we lead is often hidden
And is a cleverly built disguise.
The real you never to be seen
So others may not look with despise

It is so very hard to show the world
The Angel that lives within your heart
But opening up to one you trust
Must ultimately be the very start?

The Demon you see is not food
And no matter what you try and do
To blame others is not the way
As the Demon inside is you!

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012

Friday, 23 November 2012

Dark Tees - Tee shirts and more

Guys and Gals I have started looking at teh dark themes of my writing and tried to bring them to life on a Tee or a mug have a look it costs nothing to look.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Miss you mum - A poem I wrote last year to remember my mother

I wriote this Poem in memory of my beautiful Mother that passed on the 20th November 2010.
I will be posting my new poem on the 20th in her honour. I love and miss you always.xxxxxxx

Miss you mum
I would never have guessed a year had past,
Since my eyes looked upon your beautiful face last.

My mind wanders back to times now gone
And I am often reminded of you by a song

I miss your laugh, your hugs, and I miss your smile
I miss the way your soothing voice removed my toil.

 Why did you have to go and leave me alone?
For now the rest of my life I must atone.

You were my friend, my joker my morning sun
You were my rock, my love, but always my mum.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Leviathan - New poem for today

From the depths of the ocean floor
Rises a leviathan, writhing, pulsating
Moving like a liquid shadow from lore

The bulk of its size outweighed at times
By the stealth of its subtle shifting form
As it escapes from its watery confines

Cold, seeps from its almost dead heart
Beating only enough for subtle movement
As it snakes a trail, to its unearthly start

The shifting of colour upon a living canvas
The only sign of the monsters growing life
A spark that alludes to the coming madness

The unsuspecting vessel sailing upon the tide
Unwittingly becomes the first feast of a devil
As it allows its prey no place to hide

Screams, in the dead of the blackest night
Confusion and the smell of fear the sustenance
Of this unflinching force of destructive might

And is it makes its way back to the icy depths
From whence it did come
A hundred sailors do take there last long breaths

A vessel lost at sea, with nought a trace found
Of lives lost, never to be seen or convey the tale
Thus ends the story of these souls left unbound.

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012 all right reserved

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

As The Shadow - Poetry - My poem for today


As a character in the play of waking screams
I meander aimlessly around the filthy pulpit
To pray to a husk that is full of empty dreams

The feeling of need writhes within my chest
Like a thousand squirming pupating larvae
That will burst forth, and never see me take rest

For I am destined to become as the shadow
To walk forever in the light of day, invisible
Hiding in pure light as the tears of the widow

My soul forged into a weapon of pure hate
For my murderers to use in there schemes
To bring about the almost inevitable fate

One where dreams and ash are born as one
But as beautiful as a single silver tear of love
Used to ensure the righteous see the sun

You see the hollow worshipers on bended knee
Praying to a god that transcends reasonable doubt
A world that will end, but not just because of me

You see this cage of life in which we openly believe
Holds the truth to us all as we live and breath
And is but a mere speck of dust, in the cosmic weave

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Achluophobia - Horror Novel - Not for the faint hearted

Achluophobia - Horror Novel -

This is my latest novel I am working on and here are the first five chapters for you to read and feed back for me.

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012

The Night!_ A Dark Pondering for today

I think this is some of my best visual work to date.

The night heralds in the new world
A world where we will scream
The silent ecstasy that is unfurled
A reality of darkness that is no dream

The night brings forth those who hunger
A meal of life that sees them thrive
The quiet entrapment full of wonder
A time for some to grow and strive

The Night is a time full of dancing shadows
A ballet of death and blood red gowns
The twisted form of malignant death throws
A Place where the UnDead have no bounds

The Night has a maleficent cold embrace
A hold so strong there is no escape
The arms of evil will leave no physical trace
A comforting finality as if enclosed in deaths cape

The Night is a place where no one wins
A game of dice where each throw is unsure
The winners, those with unmentionable sins
A satisfying finality like a lustful whore

The night, my home of enveloping fate
A sanctuary from the wholesome light
The destiny I seek is thru the writhing gate
A bosom of the dark lord encased in Unholy

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Gardener - New Poem for today

The Gardener

I tender the ground so hard and dry
To ensure I grow the best possible
Seething hatred before I wither and die
The seeds I sow are created from pain
The kind that makes you soul bleed
And the blows of a fist over and over again
The nourishment they thrive upon
Are the salted tears of sorrow and despair
Hastily collected before they are gone
My fertiliser of choice not for the faint of heart
And the shit that I spread from the decaying dead
Give my unholy seeds, the best possible start.
So I tender the ground with tools made of bone
As I while away the centuries and beyond
With no-one else to care for, but myself alone
I care for my seeds like a father doth his spawn
To help them along and nurture and grow
With the ultimate glory for them to be born
So with tears and faeces I tend to my young
Talking all the time to them of the lives ahead
Their hurt and betrayal not yet even begun
So I watch as my hatred grows to wondrous heights
Seeing the potential they now have to offer
And my thoughts drift off to imagine the delights
I bid my children goodbye, with a blood red tear
As they go into the world to spread unrest
And a large proportion of unbridled Fear!