Saturday, 21 July 2012

Poem of today - "Like A Stone"


Like a polished stone I have a life
My time starts from heat and strife
The pressure it moulds and shapes
And leaves me part of a huge landscape
But as time passes I find my way
And in one spot I rarely stay
With the wind and rain as my guides
I take on new facets in huge strides
Time is nothing but fire and ice
With the passing I lose another slice
My outer shell is cracked and worn
And from my birthplace I am torn
I am now only half that what I used to be
And there is less and less for you to see
But I am unique, an individual to behold
A gem I was thousands of years past told
I had started out to be loose and earthly
But a millennium of life and now I’m wealthy
I have lived and seen a million seasons
To see man evolving with unknown reasons
And as a simple stone I found my way
To be with my family where I will stay
A precious gem never more to be alone
Not a bad ending for a humble stone

Copy write Graeme Hawke 2012