Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Poem ANGST

This is a poem I wrote after feeling down and blue.

What’s happening?
Why can’t I breathe?
Pain in my jaw
Like a baby trying to teethe

The strain in my muscles
The fear in my heart
The rush of blood in my ears
My pressure is off the chart

Are you looking at me?
If you are I can’t see you
Stop staring and accusing
There is nothing I can do

The tension in my tendons
Nerves buzzing like torrent seas
Pushing out thru fingers tips
Like electrically charged bees

The weight on my chest
Holding, pinning me below
Like laying in a think inky soup
Drowning in a pool, so shallow.

Can so-one help me to understand?
The feelings I have inside me
And allow the real me to stop fighting
And hold my hand to set me free

Anxiety, worry, distress, torment, unease
These are all things I fight against
In this life of malaise and apprehension
In my prison made of my own ANGST!

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