Thursday, 26 July 2012

What is Poetry?

Poetry to me is en expression of self and an emotive release of life. The ebb and flow of daily or life experience that follows a few rules or no rules at all.

To Rhyme or not to rhyme ! That is the question!

Well to me as a purist I like rhyme in my poetry as is evedent by my work. But I also like to read the emotion in the words and the rhyme can not be forced. Good poetry flows like silk in the breeze and is written with an air of ease, forced rhyme can be seen and although has the poetic reference lacks humanity and emotion. Good, bad or indifferent emotion it is all good. I have often written prose whilst crying and drooling snot from my face and at other times been in total silence and sullen as well as with my headphones on listening to Dope or Metalica or Mudvane but I must admit my all time fav is the last great Ronny James Dio who was a master of the poetic verse.

Either way poetry should envoke emotion in the reader, I have often cried whilst reading a poem and clapped out aloud to myself! That is poetry in my opinion.

Do I have to rhyme
all of the time

To show you my life
with all its strife

I am not sure you see
But how can this be

Poetry is about you
In whatever you do

There is no reason
To be guided by season

As its what you feel
that makes it real

So go on and try 
You don't have to aim high

Just try I dare you not
Coz once you try you will not stop!