Monday, 23 July 2012

If Emotions were Colours - Poem for today

If emotions were colors
What would they be?
Read on my friends
And you will see!
If love feels pure, forever and right
Then it’s easy to see
That loves color, must be white
Anticipation has its cons and pros
With speed and hurry as a goal
Then its color can surly only be Rose
So Envy is always best not seen
It makes good sense then
That its color is deep emerald Green
Anger is associated with dread
And again it’s easy
The color therefore has to be Red
Surprise is hard, so what to do
Go with your instincts
And choose and beautiful sky Blue
Boredom is one I can’t understand
So to give it a color
It must be pale yellow and bland
Panic is one that makes me think
But with all that movement
It just has to be Pink
Lust is one I have to highlight
So beautiful and raw
It just has to be Violet
Disgust is silent and often not true
It is full of self loathing
And so is a mix of Purple and Blue
Trust is always good and clean
With no inhibitions at all
So my color for you is Lime Green
Fear is something I do not lack
And it follows me around at night
So its deep, dark foreboding Black
Happiness is the one to behold
And there is no other color to say
But beautiful bright shining Gold!

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012