Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Almighty Fear - I feel controversial today

Almighty Fear

God is dead
And Jesus will never resurrect
The rock that covers
Is bound by regret
God is blind
God is evil
God is all powerful
God is a 9mm
He turns his back
Letting the meek decay
And the wealthy deceive
And corrupt life away
God is a myth
God is danger
God is bloodshed
God is a full metal Jacket
If God is good
Why did he kill your dog?
Your mother, your father
Your unborn child
Why because god is a lie
Created by the white collar
To keep the masses in line
And worship at the altar of the dollar

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My latest Poem - Death Is Me

Death Is Me

Darkness is the answer
Peace is not for me
Dreams are not the future
They are the way to be free

 When I look deep inside
I can see the white of bone
I wish I could be loved
So I know I am not alone

Death is the way
Death is the truth
Death is free
Death is the future
Death is me!

All I want is to be
To exist and please stay
In this decaying world
But you won’t let me play

This world is not for me
They destroyed my toy
And now you pray
To that carpenters boy

Nothing will change
You walk blinded by fear
Streets run with blood
And not a solitary tear

Death is the answer
Death is the priest
Death is light
Death is the inevitable
Death is me!

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