Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DEMONS - A new poem from my past - Its not what you think read and all will become clear.


The memory of you binds me
Holds me like my body is wrapped
In a thick layer of plastic film
The more I struggle, the hotter
It gets inside my cacoon
The sweat beads and clings
I can not see, except through
The bars of my bony fingers
As they form a knotted cage, over my face
I peer through the gaps to see
But all I catch is glimpses
Of what my life could have been
The power drained from my heart
As it slows to a morbid standstill
Still beating but tormenting me
The life that I thought once mine
Is no longer, and I see my love
As if a movie, in my cluttered mind
Tales of days gone by, opportunities
Missed, to never be taken
Chances hidden, hesitation now loss
Heed me children lend thy ear!
Do not remorse a lost chance
For they will not cry for you
They point, mock and laugh,
They watch you as you age, become feeble
Your bones and mind weak with time
Then they gain satisfaction from you
As they see you stumble, fall, pray
Hope for a redemption that is never coming.
They thrive on your fear, your aches
Your pains physical and of mind
They watch as you lose everything
Your hopes
Your dreams
Your love
Your life
They feed on your failings
They fill with strength of being
As they feed on what’s left
Your Fear
Your despair
Your hate
Your loathing
They separate us like a herd
Targeting the weak of body
Then the weak of mind
They go for the young
The not so sure
The displaced
Don’t let them get you
Be strong of will and mind
Be true to who you are
And never let the demons in

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012