Monday, 3 December 2012

The Speed Of Dark - New poem for today

The Speed of Dark

The speed of light is measured in time
With many fighting to break the barrier
And travel to the stars and shine
As the astronomical peace carrier
The speed of pain is measured in resistance
Often as a result of fates unrelenting hand
And realize there is no further existence
As salty tears flow and moisten the dying land
The speed of love is measured in persistence
As the heart overflows with unknown feelings
When cupids arrows stinging it into existence
As we imagine love without boundaries or ceilings
The speed of hate is true and without peer
With a ferocious appetite for loathing
And a need to cause never before seen Fear
It causes decay and stench as if decomposing
The speed of dark is measured in dread
The ability to cause bone freezing fright
And create unspeakable images in your head
As the darkness encloses the existence of light