Monday, 17 December 2012

WHY! - My new Poem about the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy

I wrote this in tears, with hatred in my heart for the perpetrator of this heinous act of cowardice.
I do not understand the US how you can have these innocent children murdered in cold blood and the answer is to Arm teachers with more guns!

Get real please and get rid of guns it works and it’s not everyone’s right to bear arms and kill innocent people!
The only people who need guns are those serving and keeping peace in this world of ours. Armed forces and police the rest should use words to settle differences.
These are my Girls and I could not bare to think of anything happening to them

Off to school you go a smile on your face
There are pictures to draw, things to paint
And the thought of Xmas makes your heart race

Why is the silence broken with a loud crack?
And my teacher quietly moving us to a place safe
So we can hopefully escape out the back

Why are there screams and children crying?
And Teachers pleading for their lives
As my innocent class mates lay dying!

Why is this happening in this sanctuary of peace?
A leaning facility to help us understand and grow
Not a training ground for the swat and Police.

Why is he shattering my illusions of life?
Yesterday I was innocent and only a child
Today I am angry, bitter and full of internal strife

Why did it happen in this my house of sticks?
Where mum dropped me off to learn and play
Why? I don’t understand I only just turned six!

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012