Thursday, 29 November 2012

LIFES PLAN - New Poem From me to you

An observation into our conscience mind stopping us from enjoying our lives!

Life is all around you and where do you start
It’s all mapped out you say, as I stare at the chart.

Where is the fun you promised along the way?
The fun of living I should have every day

You lied to me as I believed every single word
I did my best but you never let me be heard

So now I am in the twilight of my years
And all I have are these dried up tears

Nothing to show for my struggles and toil
But hate and frustration that makes my blood boil

And now all I have in this wrinkled shell is hate
Pent up frustration because it’s all too late

I wish I had never listened to you from day one
But it’s too late now my life is all but done

What I can do is enjoy my time and have fun
To see you suffer as I run with my face to the sun

Now be gone with you and retreat back inside
And let me enjoy the freedom of my mind

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke Nov 2012