Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Night!_ A Dark Pondering for today

I think this is some of my best visual work to date.

The night heralds in the new world
A world where we will scream
The silent ecstasy that is unfurled
A reality of darkness that is no dream

The night brings forth those who hunger
A meal of life that sees them thrive
The quiet entrapment full of wonder
A time for some to grow and strive

The Night is a time full of dancing shadows
A ballet of death and blood red gowns
The twisted form of malignant death throws
A Place where the UnDead have no bounds

The Night has a maleficent cold embrace
A hold so strong there is no escape
The arms of evil will leave no physical trace
A comforting finality as if enclosed in deaths cape

The Night is a place where no one wins
A game of dice where each throw is unsure
The winners, those with unmentionable sins
A satisfying finality like a lustful whore

The night, my home of enveloping fate
A sanctuary from the wholesome light
The destiny I seek is thru the writhing gate
A bosom of the dark lord encased in Unholy