Thursday, 3 January 2013

"Beware the Smile" - New poem

"Beware the Smile!"
As you go about your daily routine
And make your way through life,
Do you feel as if you have been seen?
Or are you just a shadow of dark strife

Do they see you for who you really are?
Or do you hide the facts from all who pass
So they can only see your features from afar
Because you believe yourself below their class

I hold my head up high and walk with stride
No-one knows the true me as I walk past
The persona I try so very hard to hide
The one that would make them run so fast

The smile I flash is my weapon of choice
The only thing that gets the guard down
And I slit their throats before they can voice
Shhh it’s all better now, no need at all to frown

You see it’s not what you see that causes the pain
It’s the unguided thought that I am someone of trust
Your first impressions were of fear and were right again
Be guided by your instincts and not, attraction or lust

You now lay in the arms of the personification of fear
And there was hope for you if only for the smallest while
But you made eye contact and let me get near
Because the darkness lives behind the cover of a smile

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2013