Monday, 14 January 2013

'Understanding" - A new Poem today

This is a new poem of mine that I wrote yesterday and with a little inspiration from Marilyn mansons "Get your Gun" playing in the background I came up with this. It is better if read with a beat (da da dadadada). give it a try if not please enjoy my latest piece.


I know you look at me
With eyes that cannot see
I hear the riotous song
And know it won’t be long
I choke myself to sleep
You soul I will not reap
I am the one you fear
But please don’t shed a tear
I will not end youfast
Your suffering it will last
I kill therefore I am
A wolf, not a Lamb!
I am the sword you wield
As you cower behind your shield
I helped you tame this world
So you may walk unfurled
I now have a purpose you see
Because you are really me!

Copyright - Graeme Hawke 2013