Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ah the Seventies - Poem for the day

Ah the Seventies (a reflection of my life)
Ah the Seventies
A Time when going for a fag out the back
Had a double connotation
One was a cigarette
The other same sex gratification 
Ah the seventies
When your mates called you a poof
Or worse a Spick or a wog,
It was a simple time
When ugly girls were a dog 
Ah the Seventies
A simple time for me to remember
When we hurt others with taunts
But we didn’t know any better
And now the damage done haunts 
Ah the Seventies
When to be promiscuous as a girl
Would see you labelled a gangie or slut
And if girls didn’t put out
They were labelled a mutt 
Ah the Seventies
They were the time of my youth
Also a time when fathers were lost
Fighting in a war that was not ours
At such a terrible cost 
Ah the Seventies
When the skirts were short
And to be an aussie was the best
To live in the lucky country
We didn’t care about the rest 
Ah the Seventies
How I long to be back in your warm embrace
A time when I didn’t know or even care
And the only worry was passing school
And how much people commented on your hair. 
Ah the Seventies
There were starving kids in Africa
And you finished all the food on your plate
Even the broccoli and beans,
Because if you didn’t that was all you ate 
Ah the Seventies
I miss you so much that it hurts
Back when I was so young and dumb
A time of simple things of fun
For now I look back see what I have become 
Ah the seventies
With the pressure of life a burden to others
I wish I had known of my impending jeopardy
With Girls and footy the only things on my mind
And the ravages of life a forgotten memory