Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Existence" - My latest thought provoking Poem

"Existence" - My latest thought provoking Poem.
Do we really exist or are we part of something grander and on a larger scale just puppets on a screen.


Have you ever thought if we are?
Do we actually exist?
Or are we just a visage?
A movie on the screen of life.

The shadow we cast is incorporeal
Try as we might
We may never see what it sees
Or even embrace it to our soul

The invisible life-force we breathe
Visible as a chill wind
Consuming like a rolling fog across a meadow
Silently, screaming in inevitable release.

Interaction with others an algorithm
A set course
The way a child plays a computer game
Full of pixel created puppeteer Sims

The only real way to tell if we exist
Lies in the land
The depressed footsteps in wet sand
Giving away our lives as real, with depth

The intangible meaning of a simple footfall
The only reality
The fact existence is ultimately knowledge
The knowledge that with substance there’s life