Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Dark Father - My latest work based on a comment from one of my fns who calls me this name.

This poem is based on a comment from one of my fans who calls me this name. Please Enjoy!
"The DARK Father"

The dark chrysalis of rebirth
Glows with decadent desire
As I look upon a parched earth
The silver steaks of lightening
Like brush strokes on a canvas
As I am jolted into awakening
Sunlight dappled as through leaves
Blowing in the mornings yawn
Offering a sacrifice as humanity grieves
I awaken fully to a midnight hue
That is both dark and beautiful
In the presence of my followers few
As I stretch the sinews, muscle and bone
They crack like a thunderous orchestra
Awaiting arrival at my conductors throne
The faces of many who smile at my vision
Are blinded by their stupidity and awe
As I stride outward on my war of attrition
A war with the keepers of unending night
For my place at the head of unearthly mire
Against The worshipers of caring angelic light
I am the symphonic reason for silence
I am the harbinger of disease and blight
I am the smell of death and pestilence
I am "The Dark Father"